Thursday, April 21, 2016

Changing So Fast

I have to say life is speeding up. Like the bullet train kind of speeding up. Nik graduates in 7 weeks!! Hannah has her 1st job interview this afternoon for Subway. In 6 months Hyrum will be a Priest and Sam just turned 14. Makes me kinda sick.

With all that speeding up, I also feel like certain things are taking forever! I applied for school and got accepted to our local college, NIC, so I could finish at least my AA of History. It's my minor and will make it easier for me to go on to finish my Bachelors and Masters degrees in Art History. I really would like to teach at the college level and now is the right time to get started again. That being said waiting to find out what my financial aid will be seems to be like watching mud dry. UHG!

I'm registered for my summer classes. So we will see if it all falls into place.

I've started my biking season again. It's been good and bad at the same time. I didn't start last year until June, so I have a 2 month head start but I still haven't put the miles in yet and I can feel it! I had to make the call of shame on my first real ride and as well as walk up part of a hill. Kills me. At least its coming back fast.

I'm signed up for the Hayden Tri Sprint that will happen July 9th. I'm excited and nervous but it helps keep me busy and that is a good thing.

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Jon Marshall said...

Sounds like you are very busy. I can't believe your kids are that older now. Seems like we were just there in CDA.

We hope you are well. Liz and I are hoping to come up and spend a few days again in that area. We would love to see you guys.