Monday, January 11, 2016

Our Quiet Bench

This was our first official Sunday without Matt and Megg and the littles here for church. We sit in a long middle bench and it has been filled with Catanzaro's for the last year. Now it is half empty. Marc couldn't stay awake and I actually missed being mauled by Paige. :)

I miss their car in the driveway. It's a funny thing to drive down the street and think... "I wonder where Megg is off too?" Only to remember that she's off to North Dakota.

They get to come back for a weekend here in another 2 weeks or so, to pick up the rest of the stuff. I have decided to consider their departure as a mini vacation at this point. Maybe I'll be okay that way.

1 comment:

Marcus Catanzaro said...

I feel the same way baby. It wwill get better.