Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Year...Time to get Bloggling

I've been sitting hear for 10 minutes trying to figure out what to write. My brain has obviously not done this in a while. I'm working on being more consistent and with my release from Relief Society President, I have lots more time to get back to some things that I have let slide by because of my business. Blogging, cross stitching, spending more time with Marc and kids, ect.

I teach the 8-10 year old girls at my church now on Wednesday nights. It's called Activity Days and last night was my first class. I really loved it. We talked about goals and made 'goal banners'. I made one before so they could see it put together and I had to work on some of my goals for this year.

A good goal has 4 parts to it. It has to be specific, measurable, written down, and accounted for (or you are held accountable in some way). So in the vane of being accountable I'm going to write out and keep track of some of my goals for myself.

#1: Be a 100% visiting teacher
                -december done, January appointments made :)

#2: Learn to play the piano
                -teacher found and set up, both just have to
                  get healthy before we start.        
                -bought piano key stickers and books.

#3: Run the Leprechaun Scurry Feb. 27
                -begin running 3 times a week, working up
                 to 3.1 miles aka 5k

#4: Participate in Hayden Triathlon Sprint July 9th
                 -continue taking swim class at the Kroc
                  to improve in strength and
                 -run the Leprechaun Scurry in
                   preparation for 5k portion
                 -participate in Krocman Triathlon as a
                  trial run and base for Hayden Tri
                 -begin biking when the weather is over
                  50 degrees
                 -start open water swimming no
                  later than June

#5: Bike the 84 mile portion of the FONDO CD'A in September.
                 -bike at least 100 miles per week by the
                  beginning of July

I have a lot of other goals for myself. But this is a good place to start. I always have the goals of personal pray, scripture study, and temple attendance that are always on the forefront of my life. Those thinks keep me grounded and able to work through all the other things life throws at me.

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