Tuesday, January 19, 2016

 I have been on a "I need my spaces to be clean and organized" kick the last little bit. I worked on the boys room on Friday and got it totally beautiful. Yesterday we tackled Marc's office. I understand that the "man cave" need to be free to express its self. ie be as messy as he wants. But I can only handle it for so long. 
Yesterday became that day when I was done with the disaster zone. So we ripped it apart (under much duress from the boys) and put it back together in this awesome, new configuration. They are all very happy with it. And my brain feels a little less cluttered.
Today Nik's wisdom teeth got pulled. He did really well. It only took just about 20 minutes to get it done! I was amazed. Here he is waiting in the car for his prescriptions.

 You have to have at least one embarrassing picture when you get your teeth pulled. This was Nik's. He was eating his yogurt and didn't know he had it running down his chin.
 His teeth were taken at 10am this morning. Here he is all showered at 8pm this evening. Not to bad for the 1st day. We will see what tomorrow brings.

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