Friday, September 26, 2014

Run, You Chicken Fat, RUN!

So this last March, I ran my first 5k ever! It was so fun and I really felt accomplished. I was able to run everything except for about 2/10ths of a mile. It was the second half of the only big hill in the run. I did it 45 minutes. Which ment that I was able to run a 14 minute mile. Not fast by any stretch but I didn't walk, I ran. :)

Since then I haven't ran straight again like that. I have been working on my speed and trying to improve. But I hadn't tried anything else. So yesterday, I decided I need to know if I can run without stopping. 

Guess what?!?! I totally can! I ran 1.1 miles in about 15 minutes. I have to say it feels better. I have been consistently losing weight since July1st and running with 30lbs gone is so much easier. It felt really great. But I am still muscle sore. 

I found this great picture reference for stretching after a run. I have to work at that. I become on painful knot when I don't stretch, but sometimes it s hard to take the time. 

I really need the reference. I am excited to run. I finally found a buddy who runs slower, that I can keep up with. I'm excited to have a buddy. A buddy makes everything better. :)


AJ said...

Way to go, Stacie! You still run faster than me. I did my 5k in 54 minutes. Haven't run more than 19 feet since, but I've been doing a lot of biking.

AJ said...

That's supposed to be 10 feet. ha ha