Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My weekly letter to my ladies

Here is my weekly letter. :)

Hello Ladies,

We are all so busy right now, getting our kids ready for school. Tis the season, but one that seems to have come rather quickly this year. It seems that we rush around getting supplies, going to open houses, meeting teachers, listening to all the groaning and complainants about the early mornings and school routine. In the rush of it all, I sometimes forget that I am sending my babies back into "the world". It has been especially clear to me this year how soon they will be gone. My oldest boy is a JUNIOR in HIGH SCHOOL! Seriously I have so little time to finish preparing him for all that he will have to defend himself against.

Maybe it is because all my children are older and so close to leaving the nest, that I am worrying so much more. Satan wants our children. I don't know if you have noticed, but they just come out of the womb stronger and more stubborn than I have ever seen before. And Satan is fighting tooth and nail for our babies. One of his greatest tools of destruction is the plague of pornography. We have been told by our leaders that this is a plague that will sweep the earth. I was staggered to learn that the "average age of exposure and addiction is 11 years old. 11! Studies have shown that 100% of today's teen will have been exposed to pornography by the time they are 18. Mostly while doing homework on the Internet"(September Ensign Healing Hidden Wounds). And it doesn't seem to matter if you are LDS or not. Your children will be exposed.

My heart breaks at the thought. I am married to a computer guy. And we work diligently to keep our home safe. But my children won't always be in our home, they won't have the filters that we have put in place. So how do I help them grain their own internal filter? Elder Christofferson taught this..."There could never be enough rules so finely crafted as to anticipate and cover every situation...In the end, it is only an internal moral compass in each individual that can effectively deal with the root causes as well as the symptoms of societal decay." (Moral Discipline)  Our Heavenly Father is well aware of what we are facing. And He has given us his Son, Jesus Christ, and the Atonement as the greatest tool for combating Satan that we have. It is in that infinite Atonement that we can change and heal and become new.

I know that so many of you have been touched by this plague. Husbands, wives, sons, and daughters. No one is truly exempt. For we live in a fallen world. I have felt very strongly of late that it was something that I needed to bring up here in this forum. We and our children are living on the front lines. May we ever be vigilant living in this world, not become part of the world. Heavenly Father needs us out there. If you are dealing with this plague in your home, there is help. Their is freedom from the bondage that it brings. At the bottom will be some links that you may find helpful. We also have a wonderful addiction recovery program that meets in our buildings every week. You are never alone.

I love you and pray for you always.

Stacie Catanzaro
CDA 2nd Ward Relief Society

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