Friday, August 15, 2014

Celtic Autumn

     This spring I finished my Celtic Summer cross stitch. She came out so pretty. She's all framed up and hanging in my house. It is the first cross stitch I have made for myself. Well there are four seasons, so that means there are 4 ladies! I have really wanted to do the others and got myself together enough to get the patterns for the other three. YEA!
So I started my second Lady the first part of August. I'm doing the Celtic Autumn Lady and am making good progress. I'm trying to keep track of how long it takes me so you'll be seeing more of these posts in the futures.
 This is where I am at tonight. I got into the bodice and get to work on the hair next.The "holes" are were the beads will go when I turn over to that part of the stitching. I love to do this type of work.
Nana said it best. This is how I paint with thread. :)

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