Sunday, April 7, 2013


 I've started working with Dad again and our newest job is the Maury House. It is a big, old, 1920's house that is owned by the State Parks and Rec. We are restoring the porch. I've really enjoyed working on it but more than anything I have loved driving through some stunning country. On Friday I came around a corner to be blown away by the brightest rainbow I have seen in quite some time.
 It was stunning! I am so glad my camera was handy. Within a matter of two minutes if went from this 1st picture to the second. I was amazed at how fleeting it was.
 There are vistas all along the route out to this job site. An it is hard to resist stopping to pull out my camera. I just love driving through this country. I truly live in God's Country. I am so grateful that I am surrounded with such beauty.
 Whether it be a grand vista or a tiniest flower; God is mindful and has created this beautiful world for us. To bring us peace and joy and remind us that God is Good.

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Shannon said...

Wow, beautiful!! I love rainbows and feel the same way you do about Earth's wonderful scenery. Every day nature continues to amaze me.

That's cool you get to help restore things. =)