Sunday, April 21, 2013


Meggs has been her all week and these are the only pictures we got. LOL
 On Friday we took Miss B out of school early and had a girls day out. We went to Costa Vida in Spokane and then the Northtown Mall. Then we headed over to Time Out for Women and Girls.
 I have had a wonderful week with Meggs here. She is way cute with her pregnant self and hit the 30 week milestone while she was here.

 Miss B really enjoyed having a extra girl in the house. She was pretty funny with having her around. As you can see she exudes personality. 
 Here are Meggs and Miss B on the BIG wagon. It is a land mark in Spokane and right by were TOFW was being held. The handle is a slide but neither of them realized this until the next day.
I am really excited to be going to Alaska to visit her and see the new baby in about 8 weeks. 
Thanks to her way cool hubby for taming the children so that she could come.  :) 

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