Friday, March 15, 2013

Week by Week

Well a lot has been going on over these last few weeks. I think it will be easier if I just list it off.

 1. I am no longer working at Kohls. With Marc's new job I a) techniquely didn't have to work anymore and  b) had to cut down my hours to only about 10 hrs a week because of the new job and c) then I have been sick. Not just run of the mill cold, but flu that turned into wicked laryngitis that stuck for 4 weeks. So it has made working very difficult. When you can only squeak, talking to customers is non-happening. And weeks upon weeks of not healing and then being put on no talking at all for 10 days has been difficult to say the least and d) I got a new calling at church, I was called at the Relief Society President. So now I am responsible for 155 or so women in our ward. 

So between all of that I was done. I was tired and just ready. So there had been that. Then I have been working on getting my home in order. I got all my laundry done. Yep all of it. And I have kept it that way for the last few weeks. :)

We have been getting hint of Spring this last week. Into the 50's and I am excited because my flower are starting to come up. It is so nice. I will have flowers blooming soon.


George and Teri said...

Congrats on your new Calling... WOW... you will do great! Glad you were able to quit your job.

George and Teri said...

Congrats on your new calling..that is wonderful, you will do great.

AJ said...

You'll do a great job as RS president. I know you're probably overwhelmed right now, but remember that Heavenly Father knows what he is doing. You are called to do something that only you can do right now. He needs your specific talents.

Shannon said...

Wow! You'll be a great R.S. Pres!

Sorry you've been sick. Hope you're feeling better.

We miss you guys!

p.s. what a beautiful background you have on your blog! I'm also thrilled about the flowers starting to come up. Enjoy.

Debbie Murdock said...

There is some wicked stuff going around glad you're doing somewhat better. Good luck at the new's amazing your hubby gets a new job and Voila your time is freed up to serve. Kind of cool!