Monday, March 25, 2013

There and Back Again

Yea, that may or may not sound familiar. I do love some good Tolkien. My point being that I am taking a very quick trip to Nampa (basically Boise) to help my mom drive down today and fly back tomorrow. It was decided last night. Sometime you just need to take a mom and her dog were she needs to go.

As to the rest of life...Sam did great on his concert Saturday at the craft fair. It was his first Special Chorus performance. He looked very sharp in his red shirt and black pants and very ready to stretch. He has got some chubby cheeks on him right now. His birthday is in a few weeks on the 12th and he is going to shoot up again.

Hannah got the lead part in her musical. She is Candy Kane (nope not the saloon girl). It is very fun to tease her though. She has already been practicing, practicing, practicing. She is planning on doing drama next year when she starts high school.

Nik has finally driven the new van. He was so nervous he didn't even lean back until his dad told him too about half way through the drive. Marc is going to brave teaching him how to drive the truck. It is a stick shift, so that should be very interesting.

Alex is just ready for spring break. He has one more whole week left, while the other kids have a couple days off this week too. He has been doing really good and it looks like we will be done with his counseling too by the end of school. That is pretty exciting. When we have been going to something almost everyday for years and years, to be down to just one appointment every other week is way exciting and then to have the goal of finishing within 2 months is quite thrilling.

Marc is doing AWESOME! Loves his job and more importantly he passed his A+ Certification test on Saturday. Thank the stars. It is a test that tells everyone in the industry that he knows what he is doing when it comes to computers. The more certs he has, the better the job he can get when this one is done.

There you are. Us in a nut shell for the week. I really am trying to get myself better together. I am really excited about one thing on this trip. I get to go to the Boise Temple since I can't leave until the afternoon tomorrow. I am supper excited to see it now that the remodel is done.  :)  Ta Ta

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