Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Dog Just Doesn't Cut It

I miss my husband. He has been working his tail off. But is night work and though his schedule has been good for seeing his kids, it has been horrible for getting any alone time with my sweet heart. The dog just doesn't cut it as a sleeping companion. My queen bed has never seemed too big before. So I am complaining. Yes you heard me ... complaining about my hubby working nights. It is for the birds not us humans. Also I have to say that humans were not mean to fly. Whoever thought it wise to strap themselves into a tin can with thousands of pounds of jet fuel strap on, was not really thinking that through properly.

I had anxiety for really the first time this week flying back from Boise. I had lots of my husbands fatalistic thoughts. He tends towards the "If I lose it and freak out at 30,000 feet, there is no on this plane that would be able to take me down and they would have taizer me." He is funny that way. As he is claustrophobic, scared of heights and gets motion sick, I can see were flying isn't his preferred method of transportation. Usually I am the MUCH more rational one, but this last flight I kept having worrisome thoughts about the wing catching fire and the like. Silly, but true.

I was probably just channeling Marc because I am missing him so much at the moment. We are working on Quality time together, instead of focusing on quantity. But it is hard. At least I know it won't be for years on end. :)  He is putting in his dues. Which means that I am too. Figures.

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