Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I'm officially one year older. My birthday was yesterday but my poor hubby had a kidney stone, so I spent my day tending to him. The last two actually. I am still mending from the flu. I came down with that last week also. So I think I will be celebrating here in a few more days. That's the nice thing about birthdays, their your day, so you can spend them how you choose, even if its not on the day itself.  :)

I have been trying to figure out what I would like, but my brain has been on fizzle or fried, so I have been having difficulty coming up with something fun. I will probably go out to lunch with my sexy hubby. We have decided over the last few years, that we like going out to lunch. With the kids all in school, we don't have to pay a babysitter and lunch is usually cheaper anyway. But this will probably be our last lunch date for a while. Because Marc has got himself a new job. Out of retail, no less. Praise the People!! He is a PC Technician for Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center over in Spokane. I am so excited for him. Plus we don't have to move. Miracle of miracles. I am so looking forward to this change.

Nik had been practicing his driving skills. I find it highly amusing that his siblings kiss the ground every time they get out of the car after he has been driving. He isn't that bad, but they don't trust him. He has decided that he wants to try Golf at school. That starts in a few weeks and we will see. The other three yahoos are just ready for some spring action. We are all ready for winter to be on the end. I am hoping that Mr. Groundhog is right and we have an early spring. I am excited to see my forsythia and lilacs to bloom. I really hope they look great this year. Well that's it. 

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