Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Yep it's Tuesday. This making a habit thing is an interesting bit. I also decided to get my writing done early so that when I get distracted later today that I don't forget about this.

We have been living in a perpetual fog these last few weeks. Literal fog. It has been so cold with that with the fog it has turned our landscape into a frosted forest. It is really beautiful but I could use some sunshine.
 These two pictures are of my lilac bushes out back. Even the antenna on Marc's truck looks cool.
I got a nice picture of the kids yesterday, but they thought I was terribly mean for making them stand outside in the "Freezing Tundra" for 5 minutes. It would have only taken two minutes but they are so squirly that I barely got one good picture. 
Here is my incredibly cute kids and my beautiful young woman. I can't call her my little girl anymore, as she is now as tall and I am and not very girly anymore. We are taking a foray into the women's intimate department at work so we can figure out what size she actually is.
 Speaking of work, I had my 90 day review yesterday and I am now considered a permanent fixture. I'm no longer considered temporary and that was nice. Marc is continually looking for IT work and has some good leads here. We are excited that he will get a big boy job soon.  :) 

Nik gets to get his permit tonight. It is his last day of drivers ed, the class but we will see if I let him drive home. So everyone in the CD'A area, stay off the road from 5:15 to about 5:45pm tonight. 


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Shannon said...

Beautiful wintery photos! That's a great one you got of the kids outside. They are all so grown up!

Glad you're liking your job, and It's good things seem to be going well for you and your family!

Miss you guys.