Wednesday, January 16, 2013

In My Head

So last week when I finally updated my blog, in my head I said to myself, 

"Self you shall update every Tuesday! Because this is your day off from work for sure and there is no excuse."

But as you can see it is now Wednesday late evening. LOL I've decide that instead of saying in my brain that I will do something, I think I will say it out loud, write it on the mirror, and recited it as my mantra every day. Otherwise it just might always stay in my head. 

This week has not been too eventful. Marc has been very diligently looking for a better IT job and will have an actual date for when he gets to take his A+ certification test. It is way exciting! 

The kids are gearing up for finals week, which is next week and Nik is down to 4 days left of drivers ed. WOO HOO!! Seriously it is WOO HOO because even though I am nervous about him starting to drive the van (not that you could tell if he added another dent to it) but that I am tired of taking him to drivers ed from 4:00 to 5:15 everyday. These last six weeks have really made me feel like a taxi service more than ever before.


I almost have my Christmas tree down. I bribed the kids. If they took down two boxes worth of ornaments than they would get a large chunk of peanut butter bar. Worked like a charm and it only leaves me a couple of boxes, the star, and my leaning tree to put away. I have the next two days off and this makes me hopeful that I will finally accomplish this task. Sometimes life is just like that.

Well, until next Tuesday. 

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Katrina said...

Yup life is just like that some times. Lol