Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year

Well I promised pictures and I so here you are! There have been so, so much stuff happening since October. First Alex graduated from IBI (all of his therapy). YEA!! Then he turned 12 and got the priesthood. Here is some pictures of the boys the day he got ordained to be a deacon.
Yes. Sam's lips are blue. He was eating some sort of weird candy. LOL
 Here is my big man. He is growing so much.
This is little Miss Abigale in her Thanksgiving Day dress.
 Marc-e being all cute on our date.
Then we went logging with Wayne. Not volunteer, but it was good for Marc to be in the woods.
Our biggest surprise for December was getting the call that there were openings for Drivers Ed. So here he is with his Temporary Driving Permit! He has been driving for the last 4 weeks. I will try to warn you when he is on the roads.
This is what happens when your youngest child very vigorously bowls the Wii remote into the TV. No, he wasn't wearing the strap. So the kids have been without for a few weeks. We were then generously given an smaller old TV that they can at least watch movies on. So let this be a lesson to you. No bowling without a strap!
The first part of  December was consumed with ward party preparations. I was in charge of two parties and even though they were really good, they were a lot of work. Up here we have a thing called North Pole on the Lake and a brother and sister in our old ward play the Mr. and Mrs. Clause for that. He came in after one of their nights at the end of our first party and I got to have my picture with Santa. Made me teary because my Grandpa Brown was always Santa and I miss him.
Then this Christmas all of the siblings got to be here. We were trying to get family pictures but I got the stomach flu and my picture taking was not stellar. Plus I have goofy participants.
Delanie and Jason
I loved this one. I think they should frame it.
Jan and Nik
Wayne, Anna, and Abby
I just LOVE (note the heavy sarcasm) taking pictures of my brother. I have to take 100 shots to get one good one. *sheesh*
Case in point! Anna looks great but its hard to tell with Wayne sitting next to her. LOL and he is leading his daughter down the path of goofiness too!
Here are all the grand kids together. They are a cute bunch that can't keep a straight face either.
I figure if I photo shop enough heads in place we might get one with them all facing forward.
Baby Levi not looking so baby anymore.
And then here we are in all our glory. At least we know our children get their craziness legitimately.
And lastly Aunt Delanie and Baby Abby. I've got one with Aunt Jan and Baby Abby too but it is lost on my stupid computer somewhere. They both had lots of fun holding their newest niece.

So I think that basicaly catches you up through to the first of this year. We are off of vacation as of tomorrow. The kids are ready to get back to school. Oh and I am working at Kohl's now. I started Oct. 10th. Yea. I know that is kinda important on the news front. I am really enjoying it and it is nice to get out of the house some. So I guess that is it. My goal is to blog once a week. So there you go.


Jon Marshall said...

Glad to see you guys are doing well. Hope Coeur D'Alene is not as cold as it has been here in Heber City.


Katrina said...

Nice pictures and what a great time it looks like for everyone. Hope work is going well for you. Talk to you soon. ....

AJ said...

The kids are growing so much!