Monday, January 28, 2013


Today I discovered two things. 

I have been feeling pretty punky today. Very, VERY tired and not at all like I wanted to work today. But alas I am not a slack and dragged my sorry behind to work. It was/is snowing still and very overcast. While folding up all the pretty spring shirts in girls, it dawned on me that I missed the warm sunshine. The warm sand in my toes, the refreshing water, and just curling up and basking in the sun. I have decided that I won't be a slacker, this summer, like I was last year. I am going to go to the beach at least once a week. No sense huddling inside all summer in A/C because its "too hot" and then have to be hold up inside all winter because it's "too cold" and never enjoying what is all around me, manly ... the SUN. I realized that I am missing the sun.

So I mentioned that I have been very tired today. This brings me to my second discovery of the day. Never, ever, ever change the password on your computer when you are tired. The kind of tired were you start to drool on the keys because you can't remember to shut your mouth tired. Because a) you forget that you even changed the password and b) you have no memory of the said password other than you remember saying to yourself, "Well that was clever". Yea so flippin' cleaver that you can't remember what it is or even guess what you were thinking in your sleep induced delusion of cleverness. Thankfully my husband is an IT guy (fixes problems on the computer) and was able to get me put back together. This time I told him the password too, so at least I have some backup.

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