Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Too Fast

Katrina, Bruce, Jen, and her two kiddo's came to visit over the labor day weekend. Lady Lulu and Alex played together really well. Al was showing her how to play with the legos (although I am sure she knew how just fine on her own, he made sure she was doing it right.) On Thursday night Grandpa and Dad went with Nik and Hannah to the Temple for Baptisms. Here is Miss B all done up.
 Jenn's little man settled in pretty quickly. Just in time to head back home but I am glad that he seemed comfortable here. He even handled the dogs well.
 We had Nik's first football game while they were here and as you can see Al is not much for the sport. He took his book so he wouldn't be bored. lol
 Little man found my strainer for when I make jelly and thought it was the coolest thing ever. I told Jen that all she needed to do was get him the weirdest kitchen gadgets she could find for Christmas and the boy would be a master chef before to long.
 He also figured out how to use the dog door. Worked great. I didn't have to let flies in that way.  ;)
 Here are Grammy and Grandpa. It was so good to have them here.
 This picture made me chuckle. Sammy was our helper when it came to Lady Lulu. She is shaped just like her momma even now. I love her cute little hippy walk. She is going to have the boys chasing after her and driving her father insane.
 They all had to leave Sunday morning and we all had to start school today. Nik and Sam were rocking away, nervously anticipating their departure times.
 Here is my big high schooler.
 My stylin' 8th grader.
 And my very last elementary age kiddo. 5th grade here we are.
 I just love this picture. I know I already posted it, but man my kids have grown.

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