Friday, August 17, 2012

Lunatic in the House

So I didn't sledgehammer my lawnmower but I did kick it three or four times. (see previous post) Basically I threw a hissy-fit in my back yard and I am really hoping now that my neighbors did not witness this completely childish display. Not that it matters. It has taken me all afternoon to realize that I acted like a deranged idiot. I am pretty sure my husband was glad to go to work this afternoon because I was spending the day in the loony bin with my mower. 

I am not managing my stress very well right now. With the start of school right around the corner and the expences that are entailed in that I am very likely to either scream at you or throw something at you. Either way, not so effective.

On other news, Nik has finished his first week of football practices. And .... drum roll please .....  He actually LOVED IT!! Thanks be. Middle school has been so difficult for him and I have been so worried about all this new high school stuff. But other than being on the tired side, He has walked out of practice with a smile on his face. They are even two-a-days!

Hyrum starts school in one week. Charter here we come. We already got to meet his teacher and he knows at least one of the kids in his class. He is a bit resigned about the fact that he has to start a week earlier than the rest of the kids but dealing okay anyway. At least he gets on totally free week before he starts. No counseling and no IBI. He has worked really hard and deserves a break.

Miss B is the big 8th grader. She is driving me BATTY at the moment, but she has been going non-stop this summer and is very tired. She is totally into all the teenage girl stuff, except for boys. (A big PHEW on that end) Brothers tend to help keep her off boys. They are just really stupid at this point. Her dad would keep it that way until she is 30, but I think she will discover them long before then.

Sam is not really looking forward to school. He is such a home body that I expect to have some tears when he starts up. It will help that the neighbor boy across the street is a good friend and will be going to school with him too. This is Sammy's last year of elementary. CRAZ-EEE! I will have all the kids in different schools this year.

We had a Marlatt Family Reunion last Saturday. It was fun to meet all the wives and kids of our cousins. We had a pretty good turn out. Not everyone could make it but a good chunk. Here is Grandpa in his preferred position. Sleeping. 
 Grammy and Al. Alex did pretty good, but it was very overwhelming with all those people. So he kept to himself and we only had a few episodes.
 Miss Bee, Nik and Sam spent most of the day on the water tubing and playing with cousins. So I have hardly a picture of them. lol Here is most of  the clan. We are a crazy, crazy bunch.
 Here is my Grandma and Grandpa with all their kids. (right to left...Bob, Steve, Grammy, Grandpa, Connie, Jerry, and Carol)
The ones that started it all.  :D Lois and Harold Marlatt
 Me and Grammy. I realized while looking at this picture that I look like my grandmother too. It is funny how you don't seen those things until later.

 I obviously needed to purge on some paper. Get out some of my life, so that I can deal with all the changes that are coming. I do have one more really great piece of news. 

Grammy and Grandpa Catanzaro and Jen and her two kiddo's get to come up for 4 days and visit in T-minus 12 days!!!!! I can hardly wait. I almost cried in Costco when Marc told me. I have missed them all very much. 

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