Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Wild Hair

So here is the finished livingroom.
You can see were we went to. The yellow goes a little past the door, but when I do the kitchen I will fix that.
 It ended up matching everything that I already has so well. Plus it was a gallon of free paint. :D
 I moved my picture wall. Now I just need to update the pictures, since most of them are two years old.
 Everyone has really enjoyed the yellow. The kitchen is going to be turned to a brilliant white with a glass tile backsplash. It will complement really nicely.
 Here are our tadpoles that we have been raising. We have four and they have tiny little legs and arms. It is so cute.
 This one is the smallest and its legs are developed the most. They are sure fun to watch.

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Katrina said...

Very nice. I like it and it sure brightened it up there.