Sunday, July 1, 2012


We finally have gotten warm enough to brave the lake. We definitely have to have some heat to do that. It was cold.
As you can see the kids were being tentative when it came to getting in.
Nik took a bit to warm up to just being out at the lake. He was way tired from canoeing the night before with the scouts.
I think Sam's eyes are bluer than the Lake. lol He is such a ham.
It is my bathing beauty!  Nothing like finally soaking up some sun.  Aaaahhhh.....
Beautiful Miss Bee.
Favorite pass time for my boys since they were tiny. Building castles in the sand. or race tracks. or get the idea.
Mommy and Hannah
We were collecting cool rocks to bring home and paint. Al was diligent and has already painted a lion on one of his bigger rocks.
Sam's monkey feet.
Being buried in the sand. The face was because the wet sand was so cold.
Sam was buried first then he returned the honors for Hannah. They were covered and had to brave the lake again before I would let them in my car.
I am thinking that summer has actually arrived. It would figure that it would show up the first week I am working with Dad, but at least I won't be getting rained on while hauling boards. Just really ready to brave the lake when I get done.  :)

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