Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Random Thoughts

I was climbing into my dishwasher today, to try and figure out why it was leaving crap on my dishes only to discover that there was crap, NASTY CRAP, clogged in my drain and it was no wonder I wasn't getting clean dishes these last few weeks. It makes me want to wash everything again, clean or not, because that was seriously gross.

I have the hardest time spelling councilor or is it conciliar or maybe some other random spelling. Needless to say I just spent 5 minutes trying to figure out how to just spell those two, of which I think the first is right. At least right when I am talking about the 2nd councilor in Relief Society. I have some sort of brain jumble when it comes to that word.

I am redoing bedrooms. With paint we got free from neighbors and lots of really, really cheap clearance. I am starting on Miss Bee's room as her's is now the smallest. Then Nik has the other single room and the little boys are sharing from now until Nik graduates at least. That is only 4 years, just so you don't think I am too mean a mom. We are doing it teal, white, and black. The room not the boys.  ;)  Miss Bee loves it so far and I am taking progress pictures so you all can see what I have been up too.

We killed our mouse that I talked about previously, but not 10 minutes ago, I chased a new one under the stove. *sigh* Stupid rodents.

Well that is the jumble for the moment.


AJ said...

I know I'm way behind the times sometimes. I just found out last fall that there is dishwasher cleaner. LOL Now we try to run it through every few months. It's recommended for every month, but I can't remember that often. Just like I can't remember to rotate the bed every couple months. I feel like I'm rolling off the side, but before we actually do it, it will be July.

Meggan said...

Random thoughts are the best. So are random nominations:) go here! http://3catanzaros.blogspot.com/2012/06/ive-had-this-comment-pending-my-comment.html