Friday, June 15, 2012

Hannah's Room (this time with actual commentary)

Okay, now that I have had a shower and sat for more than two seconds I think, just maybe, that I can give you some commentary on these pictures. Miss Bee and I have been working on her room for about two weeks now. We have actual before pictures but they are on her camera and we can't find it at the moment. So imagine if you will beige. Beige walls. Beige carpet. Beige ceiling. To say that it is not very exciting is a major understatement. So off to Pinterest we went and came up with some "grown-up" teen girl room looks for her room. Black, teal and white became our decided colors. As part of that we created a headboard and bed frame for this new look. We started with this plain piece of plywood.
And with some black fabric, batting and a TON of staples, we made this awesome headboard! Totally cool, huh?!
Here is Miss Bee's room. See the carpet? Just imagine everything in that color. Anyways, we painted the ceiling white, the wall's teal and accented in black.
This tree wall isn't quite done yet. There are going to be leaves coming off the tree and wrapping around to the window. I drew the tree. It came out good. And the headboard makes the bed. :)
We took off the closet doors (they are safely residing in the garage) and put up sheers. You can see through them more with the camera shot that you normally see during the day, but I love the dimension that it gives.

This was another Pinterest idea. We got a secondhand picture, took out the glass, painted it black, and hot glued white lace to it. It is a jewelry holder. It came out SWEET!! We are really excited about how it is all coming together.
 When I get finished with Hannah's room, I will be moving onto Nik's. We have made some permanent changes to rooms. Until the kids get done with high school, they are in the rooms they are in. Hannah and Nik need their own space and with Nik starting high school in September, it is time.

I am going to finish up the leaves on the wall and there is another shelf to go up and eventually we are going to get black and white bedding to go with the walls. That will take time, but it will come. I will take some pictures when I get all finished.


Meggan said...

That looks great! Nice job! The headboard is awesome:) see....kreativ blogger you are;)

Shannon said...

I love the headboard and jewelry holder! The whole room looks really good. The tree adds a nice effect. Nice work!

Debbie Murdock said...

You are the crafting goddess!!! Love the colors...and yes you better post the after pics!