Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Brave, Indepent, Beautiful Girl

 Some things just catch you in unexpected ways. I think that is why art is so fascinating to me. An image or a structure or a look just catches you and lures you into another world.
Last night, Marc and I, saw the new movie BRAVE. It was really quite wonderful. Mostly because of me and Miss Bee. We are a lot a like and tend to butt heads. Go figure?  ;) It is amazing how a relationship can go from precious, tender moments ....
to being so stubborn and deaf that we can't hear what the other is saying.
I have such a beautiful, independently, fierce daughter who is so wonderful. My trick seems to be remembering that is what I want for her. This movie really captured that for me. Setting aside pride.
Seeing her wonderful talents. Loving her when she is yelling at me and knowing that if I want her to be who she has come to this earth to be, than there will come a time when I have to let her fly.
What a stunning young woman. She is blossoming day by day. I pray that I can grow enough to keep up with her. I don't know what it is about this time of my life but the shortness of their time will me keeps sneaking up behind me and then jumping out and shouting "BBBBOOOOOOOO!!! You are loosing your little ones!!" This really makes me want to cling tight. In 5 short years this precious girl will be officially grown. I just hope I can forge a deep enough bond that will then make her want to cling to me just a bit when she is all grown.


If your a mom of a girl, you should go see this movie. I about wet myself laughing at so of the mom's expressions. I knew that they could have CGI'd my face and I would have match them frame for frame.

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