Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sometimes it is just like that.

So I have not had much motivation to blog for several months now. Not that it comes as a surprise to any of you in blog-land as I have had very few posts. But I am trying to get back into the swing of things. So here is a post full of some of our happenings lately.

Miss B had her 13th birthday on the 3rd of May. She really wanted an Oreo Icecream cake. The only problem that was found with this cake, was that it was so cold that she couldn't take an actual bite out of it without freezing her teeth.

I have been trying to get some updated "nice" pictures of my kiddo's for the family wall. Here is one of Sam when he and I had some one on one time. He is such a ham.
 While we were in Utah for Easter, we worked on some family pictures. Here is our family. Pretty soon your going to have to put Marc and I in the front because we will be the shortest of the bunch.
 Nikolas had his last viola concert of his 8th grade year last night. I really wanted to get some pictures of him with his instrument. I made him ham it up for me afterwards. He was a great sport and I just love his smile.
 He has really grown into such a handsome young man.
 Mommy and Sammy!
Here is my goofy boy! Hannah got mustache glasses and of course Alex needed to borrow them. LOL
 Here are some of my shots that I made for the wall. Miss B is just stunning and Marc and I figure Sam's football picture will look a lot like this one of him here.

 And last but not least is our silly dogs. I just figured I should put a picture up of them too.
 We have finally gotten some sun her and I have been working on my yard a lot. I have also been helping mom with hers. I will put up some finished pictures when I am done. I just have some bark to lay. 

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