Monday, March 12, 2012

Sleeping or Not

Last night was Al's sleep study. He was very nervous about the whole thing but came through with flying colors. We are trying to figure out why he has such problems with his sleep. Hopefully this will give us some clues.
Al got his own little room with a nice comfy bed, but he had to get wired up like some weird science project. He started off pretty okay and responsive about the whole thing.
He had to have electrodes on his face, chest, legs, and head.
The wires for the head had to be in certain places and Sophie, our tech, had to measure and measure and measure his head.

By the end of all that Al's tolerance was starting to wain and I really couldn't blame him. More than anything it was the goop that they used to stick the electrodes to his head that he didn't like.
I thought the wires looked like a rainbow but I didn't tell him that. By this point he was just ready to be done.
As you can tell, he did not like the thing in his nose but he kept it there.
Here is the board all wired up.
They used this black casing type of thing to zip up a majority of the cords so that he wasn't getting caught up in them while he slept.
All snuggled in. It took him about an hour and half longer to fall asleep than normal. Personally I am surprised that he did as well as he did. I wasn't even wired up and was having a hard time sleeping and then had weird dreams about being tangled up.
He was really excited to get up this morning. Infact, he was up at 5:45am, wide awake, because he was so excited to unhooked and wash the goop out of his hair. Here he all happy to be done. They even gave us a voucher to eat breakfast in the cafeteria. We are waiting for the results, they will be ready in about 2 weeks.


AJ said...

Tim was wired in a similar way for an EEG once. I hope they figure out what's going on so they can help him.

Jon and Liz Marshall said...

I hope they figure it out. If you guys are ever in Utah, stop by, we would love to see you guys. We miss Coeur D'Alene, but Heber City is beautiful as well. Hope all is well.

Jon, Liz and Peanut