Thursday, March 8, 2012

Girly Pursuits

Thursdays are my day with my daughter. Miss B has here water ballet class at the Kroc. She and I go there and swim in the afternoons. I do laps while she does her class. This has afforded me the wonderful treat of getting to know my older daughter, one on one, in a happy setting. We don't get much alone time without at least one boy hanging around so this has been really nice. We talk about all sorts of things, since my daughter in a motor mouth. Seriously she doesn't have a mute button. But then her smile doesn't really quit either, so if she's happy, I'll take it.
 This more grown up daughter of mine has brought me into a bit of a different realm when it comes to the girly types of things that young teenage girls like to do. I know that I was once a teenage girl, but I was a lot more serious and grown up at her age. Plus I had serous leanings toward tom-boyishness. So this has been new and very fun. One of the things we fuss with is Miss B's hair. It is finally getting long enough to do some fun things with these days. I found this fun style on Pintrest that we tried out on her tonight. Way Cute!! At least we both think so.
 Our other obsession lately has been fingernail polishes. We learned a new technique from Miss B's young woman's leader called "glitter nails". They are really pretty and you use actual glitter on your nails. Too cool, huh? Miss B did the lime green and I did the aqua. Poor girl has my hands, just the younger version. But anyways, I sure do like the nails. I am going to have to pick up some Martha Stewart glitter for myself because this is one I will use a lot.
I have so loved getting to know this beautiful young woman that I get to call daughter. She challenges me in ways that I never imagined but she is sure a kick in the pants too. She can make me laugh so hard tears run down my face and is so genuinely herself. I do love this wonderful girl of mine.


Katrina said...

Hi Girls... love the nails and your hands look

AJ said...

Lucky! My Hannah won't do girly things with me. She's turning 16 this year and still has no interest in make-up.

Did you see my post on the cruise? It's on my regular blog.