Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bedknobs and Broomsticks er Cabinet knobs and Broomsticks

 I have been having some mice trouble this winter. They have been haunting the house but especially the oven and under the sink. So you are probably wondering what this has to do with knobs. I accidentally cremated a mouse in my oven about three weeks ago. This lead to the bottom igniter in my oven quitting, which lead to my land lord coming over and fixing it.
This made it nice and easy to ask if I could make some improvements on the house i.e. painting and knobs on the cabinets. He said sure, so I have been working at putting on knobs. Yea!!
 They are just a basic brushed nickle knob, but seeing as how I can not for the life of me remember on which side my cabinets open up, have made a HUGE difference in the amount of door that I open on a daily basis.
 I got all of the doors finished and will be on to the drawers next, but the doors were my main issue. They are such a nice visual reminder on how to open the door. And for my poor feeble mind that seem to leak information like a sieve, I am ever so wishing I had talked to my land lord sooner.
 Then maybe I would have been spending less time trying to figure out how to get into my cabinets and more time just getting my work done.

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