Sunday, January 29, 2012

This and That

Here is our new "Still" Jar. It is made out of glitter and glitter glue and a little bit of food coloring. It acts as a timeout jar. You have to shake the jar and stare at it until all the glitter falls to the bottom. It take about 4 or 5 minutes and helps clam you down. I like but haven't used it much yet, except for myself.
 This week I tried out Bountiful Baskets. I have heard a lot about it but hadn't tried it yet because the pick up was over in Washington. But they now have one in Hayden, right by my moms. For 16.50 I got all this produce plus three grapefruit and a bundle of asparagus that I gave to mom. I was really pleased with the haul. Not to bad for a weeks worth of produce.
 Here is my new washer. It is a match to my dryer. It has no center pole and is a bit different. So I am having to get used to how it works. I think I have read the manual four times already trying to get it figured out. Who knew a washer could be so complicated. Sure does get my cloths clean though.
 We finally got ourselves a bed frame. I really like it. It is sturdy and comfortable which is always a plus. Since we haven't had an actual frame in close to 6 years, I thought it was about time. LOL. It is nice to feel like I have a grown up bed.

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Shannon Lytle said...

The glitter jar is so pretty! I think I'd get too distracted staring at it to get anything done around the house though. ;)

Cool bed frame. In the 11-1/2 years we've been married, we still haven't even gotten a headboard. Oh well.