Monday, January 16, 2012

Number 4

Today, Sam had his tonsillectomy. He did quite great. He was very pleased that he was big enough to wear a two piece gown. Pants and a shirt. LOL He does not like flapping in the breeze.
 Mommy and Sammy
 We didn't have to wait to long to get back to pre-op. Here we are waiting for his IV.
 See?! I am officially Sam's mom.
 This is our Pre-Op nurse. Sam really liked her and she did a great job on his IV.
 All set! LOL He is such a trooper.
 Meds are in.
Can you tell that my boy is on some happy pills?

 All dressed up and ready for the OR.
 And look! so is Mommy. At this hospital they have a parent program to where I got to go back in the OR with Sam, until he passed out. It was pretty cool and it helped him be more relaxed. It helped me be more relaxed too.
 Of course Sam took his sweet time waking up, about an hour and half. He seems to like to do that to me. Makes a mom worry, you know. So Sam has no more tonsils, no adenoids, and had his sinus's checked out. There are no polyps but he is getting that really bad mucus that is starting to fill his upper sinuses again. So that means allergy testing again and back to allergy shots. That is better than another sinus surgery in the next year. We are now home and all snuggled in.
 He just got his second dose of meds and I expect him to pass out here pretty soon. Mostly he is waiting for his Dad. He is such a Daddies boy and he is really missing him right now.  I am just so grateful for good Doctors and Nurses. They were so nice and competent. I sure do love my brave boy. Hopefully this is it on the surgery front form many years to come.


AJ said...

I don't blame him. I don't like flapping in the wind either. Glad it went well.

Nana S. said...

Looking great Sam, Hoping you will recover quickly and be up and going soon. Good job and nice are a handsome boy.
Lots of love,