Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Randome Thought to Finish up the New Year

There is this site called Pintrest. It is lots of fun to look at. You can design your dream house, make a recipe archive, or get a bunch of crafty ideas together. Basically it is a place to put all your different stuff. Once I figured it out, it has been lots of fun to browse through. One of the things you can look at is cloths. I have noticed a disturbing trend though.

Either you have a dress with sleeves that is so short if you bend over, you would show off all your goods OR you find a dress that is long enough to cover your knees and there is no sleeves, thus relieving your upper assets. It is like there is some sort of material shortage. Obviously there is not enough material to make both sleeves and long skirts at the same time. It seems ridiculous to me.

I feel that something should be done. For intstance you could take the fabric that is used to make what some pass off as "shorts" and either make sleeves or add it to the hem line of the skirt. You could use a little less fabric from all the moo-moo's in the world and that could make up for the sleeve shortage. It shouldn't be that difficult to solve. We have gone for thousands of years making both a longer hem line and sleeves together. I am pretty sure if you just followed a pattern they could figure it out.

Here is to a New Year full of sleeves that cover some arm fat and a skirt that will at least make it to the bottom of the knee cap. I know it can be done. I believe! I BELIEVE!!!

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AJ said...

It's crazy how hard it is to find modest clothing. I hear Hannah talking about "modifying" all the time. That was never an issue when I was a kid. My complaint is that clothing makers seem to think that if I wear XL my arms or legs MUST be six miles long. Even when I buy petite I have to take a yard off the length of sleeves and/or legs.