Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Vacation

We are officially started on our Christmas Break. And I couldn't be happier for some time off. I didn't realize how tired I was of toting and carting kids every which direction until we finally had an opportunity to not have to do it for a little while. We have all been working really hard and it is nice to have this time to just get our reserves filled back up.

The kids and I have a game plan all set up to make this a great vacation. We have two hours for electronic gaming type things. One in the morning and one hour after lunch. We are going to go swimming at the Kroc Center every afternoon at 3:00 and we have a short chore schedule mapped out so we can enjoy our play time.

So far it is working. We got the cloths all done. (That was a huge undertaking and we all survived.) We also got to draw our names for presents. So Thursday is the day for that. We are going to be busy making yummy treats tomorrow so that we can give out our goodie bags. We are filling them with fudge and cookies and butter toffee and anything else we can think of to make you gain 5 pounds.  ;)  So you will get to see some baking pictures soon.

So until then, I am going to sign off and get a good nights sleep so that I will be ready to conquer my kitchen and wrangle my kids for a stellar Christmas Vacation!

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