Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Missing Ingredient

Today is pie making day. But it has not been an easy day for me. This day became my pie making day 11 years ago when I began making Thanksgiving dinner with my mother-in-law, Katrina. She loves this holiday. And I have to say it is because of her that I came my love for the tradition of Thanksgiving.
Growing up we would have more non-traditional Thanksgivings. Pizza on china plates was fun but rather unconventional. There was really no pie baking day. It wasn't until I started having Thanksgiving with Katrina that I really came to enjoy it all. She and I would start making our list and diving up what we would buy about three weeks in advance of the big day. Then we would shop and plan and talk about what we were going to make. There were new things to try. Tips to put into motion. And laughter to share.
 We did Thanksgiving that way for 6 years straight while we lived in New Hampshire. Then in Boise we had to start flip flopping holidays so every other year I would get to do Thanksgiving with Katrina. But since our move to Northern Idaho, we no longer get to share this time together. It will be two years this year of not having my Turkey Buddy to plan and share this special time with. I mightily miss her. Even though I am with my parents now, it is not the same.
So I have spent another year trying to drag my mom along to find the joy of preparing Thanksgiving. And I made my pies by myself. I do enjoy making a good pie. Here is my peach one. I made huckleberry, chocolate (from scratch), lemon (also from scratch), two pumpkin. I have key lime, peanut butter, apple, and possible a maple pecan pie left to make tomorrow. So I turn up the Christmas music and drown out the loneliness that accompanies my preparations these days. I don't think I will ever find another pie making buddy quite like her.

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Meggan said...

awww....we miss you Stacie! And I'm sure she feels the same...I'm not much of a cooking buddy:/ Love you:)