Monday, October 24, 2011

A Lovely Wedding

My cousin Ryan got married this last Saturday at the Columbia River Temple. It was one of the nicest weddings I have been too. Barring my sisters'. His lovely bride Cristina is so sweet.
And just a lovely, lovely lady.
Here are the two mother in laws. My Aunt Laura and Cristina's mom Hope. She doesn't speak any English but we all got along very well.
The Columbia River Temple is very beautiful. I especially loved the spire.
Here is all of my dad's brother's family. It was wicked windy and everyone was getting blown away. But it is those types of things that make a wedding memorable.
 We tried to keep Grandpa in shelter because it was so windy that he was getting blown over.
Here is Dad with his baby sister Carol. I never get pictures with such a wonderful smile on him and I got this one on the sly.
This is much more typical when it comes to the Marlatt men. Grandpa is looking good enough but really showing his age these days.
Here is Cristina with Jade. She is one of Ryan's nieces.
Here is Grandma with my Aunt Denise. (All of my Eastern friends will note that I am saying AU-nt. Although I might have slipped a time or two and called her after the insect.)
Here is Cristina with her brother. It was just such a sweet moment. Her family had to leave on Sunday. 
 Here he is with his "big" sis. They are really such a sweet family.
 Here I am with grammy. I look a little frazzled because I had to sew the bride into her dress as the zipper broke. Plus it was really quite warm there.
 Here is Jerry with his newest daughter-in-law. She is so cute.
 Here she is talking to here Dad. He couldn't come, but she got to talk to him several times.
 I thought this was just too funny. He is aiding and abedding Asher in M&M retrieval.

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