Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day by Day

This summer I thought I was busy. When school starts, I told myself that I would still be busy but I would at least get a little break while the kids were in school. Seriously I don't know what I was smoking. So here is some of what I have been up to.
 Last week we picked apples. A person in Mom's ward has three apple trees and a pear tree that he said we could come and pick everything off of for free. So mom and I went and picked. These babies are going to become apple juice, apple jelly, apple sauce, and apple pie filling. We are doing tomato stuff at the moment. We have already made salsa, stewed tomatoes, and tomato juice. We still have all of that and more to go.
 Mom's birthday was on Sunday. Hannah and I went to the Devil Store i.e. Fred Meyers and had this cake made for mom. It was so fun, plus she loved it. YUMMM!
 Then we sat and worked on making some jewelry while we listened to the afternoon session of conference.
 Miss B made a bunch of dangly earrings. She loves them.
 Here she is working with her grammy. They had a blast.
 Al would stick his head in once in a while. Grammy has some cool beads.
 I have been working with Dad for a while now. And as we have been driving around town I have noticed how all these different business owners have their names on their vehicles. I decided that dad needed that too. Here is his truck before.
 Here it is with the new lettering. It really came out sharp. And I got pretty high praise from dad. He said that it didn't look to bad. Yes that is pretty good when it comes to dad. LOL

 He is a funny duck. It is never easy to promote yourself. But I really think that he likes it. Plus this way when he is all old he won't lose his truck in the Walmart parking lot as long as he can remember his last name.   ;)


The Crazy Heads said...

busy busy buys!!!! I am getting ready to make some applesauce too. this is my first time, so excited. looks like you guys are doing great. I hear you're looking mighty fine yourself. good for you!!!

Nana S. said...

A very creative and productive family. Love the pictures and the cake does look yummy. ;-)