Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Captain Levi

My sister, Delanie, had her baby on Sunday. Levi James. He sure is a cutie.
 Delanie is doing good, but Levi came down sick and has had to stay at the NICU. These pictures were taken Sunday afternoon before he got sick.
 I think that he is going to be a well loved little guy. All three of his big brothers sure seem fascinated. :)
 I love this picture with all the boys trying to get a hand on Levi. The boys have nicknamed him Captain Levi.
Personally I liked the one they came up with before he was born. Dude Sparkle-berry seems appropriate right?

I expect Levi will appreciate Captain Levi more than Dude Sparkle-berry. We are all praying for him. That he will improve and get healthy so he come home. He's got a lot of brothers to whip into shape.

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Nana S. said...

congradulations to your sister and husband. He is a cutie, hope he is doing well now.