Monday, September 19, 2011

A is for Apple...S is for Snake

I have watched way to many nature shows. WAY TO MANY! Here is why.

While working today I saw a little black and yellow garter snake. A little startling but not to bad. It was sitting up on the hillside, off the path, no big deal.
Personally I prefer my snakes behind glass but if it must be in the wild, this benign variety is fine. That is until one watches Nature. So when a second snake slithers by, you start to think ... hhmmm, must be some sort of snake path. But when the third one slithers by your mind starts running through those shows that talk about how garter snake mate. 

Like in this writhing ball of one female snake and  twenty male snakes. And how the boys chase the girl around, trying to show their fitness. 

See exhibit A: Garter Snake Den

So with this lovely picture running through my head, I am being a little more cautious on the path. Then this huge garter slithers by. Big enough that my dad can hear this thing move by with him down around the corner. That get my heart pumping a little. I then see about six or seven other ones, of various sizes sliding pass. 

At this point I was making deals with the snakes. "You stay on your path and I will stay on my path over here." The last thing I need is one of them saying "Hello" while I am carrying a full bucket of concrete down the hill. (((shutter))) All the while my dad is gleefully laughing at my squeaks and sqauks as they slither on their merry way. 

Unfortunately on my way back up, one snake decides to break the "my path/your path" rule and appears out of no where right in front of me and headed right for me.


I started yelling at the dumb thing to shew, my dad is cackling down below, as the stupid snake can't get purchase and slides precociously close to my toes. By this point I am, for lack of a better term, shrieking in earnest for it go over the other side of the path.

I seriously DO NOT NEED that kind of heart stimulation!

In my minds eye I have been seeing all theses writhing snakes, then for one to come across my path was just about more than I could handle. Thankfully they all seemed to settle down after that. I only saw one more the rest of the afternoon. It sure does make me glad we only have one day left on this job. 


Nana S. said...

Oh Stacie, I would have been out of there with the first sighting. Thanks for a good belly laugh tho. You are so brave ;-)

Heavenly said...

I don't care if they're harmless! I would have been out of there and screaming in the car. :O