Friday, September 30, 2011

Miss B Plays Some Ball

Miss B started volleyball this year and yesterday was her first game. She did great! Their team won one out of three games. Not bad for a group of girls that have never played before.
 She is number 21. She was so nervous that she kept shaking her hands and then getting in to position. It was way cute.
 Here she is after the game with her Papa.
 Miss B and her friend, Jackie.
I love that she is so modest. She added a shirt under her jersey (which is sleeveless) and has the longest shorts. They went to her knees. That is the only problem I have with her continuing on in volleyball is the tiny shorts that they are supposed to wear. But we will fight that battle when it comes. 

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Katrina said...

I am so happy Hannah is doing a sport this year. You go Hannah. Have fun.