Thursday, September 8, 2011

K2 Equestrian Ranch

Today was Al's first day working at the rescue horse ranch. The K2 Equestrian Ranch is a place for rescued horses and people. I am hoping that it will help Alex in a way that I can't. I think today was a great start. I haven't seen my son this mellow in years. He is happy and relaxed and at peace.
 This is Flash. He is Al's favorite. They have horses, burrows, and really big dogs, as well as, other assorted animals. Eventually he will get to ride the horses. He spent his time this week with Huston the dog and Kitty the kitty. He mucked out stalls, swept, and handed out hay to the horses.
This is Sage. He is the oldest horse on the Ranch and Alex really likes him too. Al's new IBI Therapist is Katherine, the owner of the ranch. This is her. Alex really likes her.
I really think that this is going to open up a part of him that only a good horse can touch. So every Thursday for the foreseeable future Alex is going to be here.


Wendy said...

what a great opportunity for him!

The Crazy Heads said...

that sounds so neat.

Nana S. said...

It sounds like a great opportunity for Alex.