Sunday, September 18, 2011

Butt Busting 101

I have discovered the best behind/leg workout there is. First you take one very nice lake house.
 You add a nice steep grade. This is where the second set of steps start.
 Then you put in steps. Thirty-one for the first tier and at least that for the second. Plus a path in between. Then you hike up and down them a couple hundred times and Wa-La!! A great backside.   ;)
 These are the first set of steps. Dad and I have the two platforms and the holes dug for the third platform that is part of the second tier of steps. I am most defiantly getting my cardio running up and down the these babies. This is the view from the very top.
Here is a shot from the lower platform of the upper tier, it is just past the big tree from the picture above. If you look hard you can see Dad down below starting the holes for the lower set of steps. So I get to go from where he is, up the path, up thirty-one steps to get/cut/carry/mix whatever he needs, take it to him. Then repeat. A LOT.
 I sure do feel the burn by the end of the day. At least I don't feel guilty about not getting my running done at he Kroc yet. Seems I am doing my cardio on the hill instead.


Meggan said...

oh thats torturous! O.o

Nana S. said...

OH MY, bless your heart. You sure are getting your work out !!!!!!

Debbie Murdock said...

That is pretty sweet! And just the thought going up and down the stairs make my knees ache!