Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Yes, My Brain is Odd.

You should notice that my title is a statement. Because I seriously think about the oddest things. I am not sure what brings these odd thoughts on but I thought you should all share in my oddities. 

Did you know that I don't drive with my thumbs griping the steering wheel in my car? Instead of wrapping my thumb around the wheel, like I would if I were hanging onto a bar, I almost always keep my thumbs pulled up next to my fingers. I was told a long time ago that if you drive with your thumbs in between the spokes of the steering wheel, you could break your thumbs if you were ever in an accident. The wheel could whip around and catch them, but if you drive with them out, well then no breakage. This comes to me in flashes all the time when I am driving. Which I do pretty much all the time. If I catch my thumbs down I pull them up. I have even tried to drive with them down, but inevitably I pull them back up because...well, I just don't want broken thumbs.

Going into Boarders Book Store makes me physically ill. I want to weep. I am not sure why the death of that store hits me this way but I can hardly stand to go in there now. They will be gone by the first part of September. I know this e-reader revolution makes the printed word much more accessible to many people but to me there is nothing like the feel and smell of a book. The anticipation of opening the crisp new pages of a long awaited sequel or the discovery of a rare old book with beautiful pictures nestled between translucent tissue. They smell of things long ago remembered, of revolution and romance, and all of the little moments in our lives. There is something to treasure in a book and the death of Boarders just breaks my heart.

Whoever came up this the idea to put dish soap on the bottom of a pan, leave it there, and then cook on an open flame with it? I really don't think it was a woman because we just don't leave soap on the bottom of clean pans and then use them again. This is a great thing, I grant you, (it makes it so you can wipe the soot right off the bottom and sides of your pan) but it is not the normal process of things when you are cleaning. Soap and water goes in the sink/tub/basin. Pan goes in said sink/tub/basin. The pan is scrubbed clean and then dried and put away. Nowhere in the hand book does it say, take clean pan, put soap on the clean outside, then set in the open fire and cook in it. Really it is just plain weird.

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Nana S. said...

Interesting musings ;-) Go figure ????