Sunday, August 21, 2011

16 and Counting...

This summer has flown by. As do most summers in my recent recollection but this one more than most because we have been so, so busy. We went to Bruce and Katrina's for the last few days of school until the mid of June and you would think that we went there six months ago for all that we have done since we got home. But we are now on the very last bit of that down hill slide to starting a new school year.

Alex and Nik are both starting their last years of their respective school. Alex finishing his last year of elementary and Nik his last year of middle school. *PHEW* One more year and I will no longer have any kids in elementary school. Scary! But that is besides the point. Personally I am glad Nik has only had to spend two years in middle school with the way the school districts are different between Boise and Cd'A.

Personally I think that all the kids are ready to get back to the school routine. They seem somewhat sick of each other and although they want to play with each other, they also have very little tollerance if something goes wrong. Alex has also worked very hard this summer with his IBI (Intensive Behavioral Intervention) and is really getting tired. I do feel that he has made so good strides. I sure am prayerful that all this work now and over the next year will ready him enough to make it through middle school.

That is a cursed place, middle school, and I pray that all my children come through intact, but I especially worry about Alex and his ability to cope with all the changes that take place there on a daily basis.

I am most defiantly getting ready for the kids to start again. But then I think that most mom's feel that way. I should throw a little party for the mom's on my block. LOL Nothing like a good bit of sugar to celebrate making it through another summer. I don't expect life to slow down much but I do look forward to a few more moments of quiet to order my thoughts, my home, and spirituality. Sometime it is hard to do anything but swim for dear life when you are running so much of the time.

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