Thursday, July 7, 2011

Whose been sipping lemonade on the back deck?

It certainly hasn't been me! No, instead I have been building one with my Dad. Off and on this summer I am working with my Dad doing different project that he needs an extra set of hands for. Like next week when I will be digging fence posts. *Happy Day* (note the somewhat heavy sarcasm) Anyway, off track, back to the deck.
This is the Dilman's new deck. Came out famously if I don't say so myself.  ;)  I help lay and drill in all of the boards, do the railing and other odds and ends.
It is made out of that Trex board and system. Which is awesome stuff but really, really heavy to move around. Especially in the 12 and 16 foot varieties that we work in. But it really does come out sharp looking when you do it right.
It was nice working with Dad, but we are (note the continued present tense) working on our communication. Or more accurately I am gently reminding him that I can not read his mind and I need a little more direction than a variety of grunts. This all stems from the fact that I was off having babies over the last 14 years and not working with him.
This view gives a good picture of the length of the deck. It was nice that it was a good rectangle, with very few fussy cuts but the dang thing is BIG!
We also had to mind the plants. She has roses, fox glove, clematis, pansy, daisies, and several other things I couldn't name. Made for some interesting maneuvering when it came to some stuff.
 On other fronts. My daughter. Holy Cow! She wanted to show off  the dangly earrings that she got to wear today. She is getting more mature every day. I CAN'T BELIEVE how grown up she is looking.
 Seriously GROWN UP!
 She is still as goofy as ever. 
 This is her new swimsuit and cover skirt. Got it Fred Meyers for 60% off and it is modest! Thank heaven for small miracles. A modest swimsuit that isn't ugly.
 She also still has the best arms in the family. What a cutie. Or I should say a beautiful young woman.


Teri said...

Is that deck at your house or your dad's house? It looks great, you guys did a great job!

Meggan said...

Is that a bathing suit or dress? Either is super cute! Wow she does look grown up....

Nana S. said...

Lovely deck and it looks like a whole lot of work. You really do well with whatever texture you are working with. I think it is so cool that you have worked so much in carpentry with your Dad even with the 14 year hiatus and mixed communication ;-)
OH, Hannah B. is a beautiful young lady and I like the bathing suit.