Friday, July 1, 2011

Strange Happenings

As one ages, their bodies change. It is just one of those fact of life things that everyone deals with. Sagging skin, ache joints, hair loss, and a multitude of other odd and annoying things that accompany aging. 

Now I know that there are certain stages of life when things happen to your body, but I was unaware that at 34 there was a special hormones surge that causes weird stuff to occur. You know it is the one everyone always talks about. "Oh you have to watch those freaky hormones of 34. Ooo, they are a doozie."

What?! You have never heard of them? Nope Me, neither. But man do they exists! 

Case in point just look at my HAIR!!!

Seriously, someone up there has been have a grand time. I cut my hair a little bit and it curls. I cut it a little bit more and I look like I got a perm. Not only that it ACTUALLY stays curly. It is the strangest thing and has just happened in the the last 4 months. I know my hormones are on some sort of vacation because (cover your ears boys) my cycle went from 28-29 days to 25, consistently for about 5 months now. Plus the curly thing. Frankly it is freaking me out. I was actually asked if I have always had curly hair like my sister! 

Nope just those freaky hormones of 34.


Nana S. said...

It must be something in the air, hair has done the same thing on the right side of my scalp. I thought it might be the lack of those "crazy hormones" ;-)

AJ said...

My hair went straighter for a while this year. Weird. Maybe my curl went to you?

AJ said...

I was looking at your pics and I have to say...You are looking great! Good job!