Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ponderings During a Day

I don't usually have issues with bugs to much. A large spider might give me a start if it comes out of no where by really I am pretty pragmatic when it comes to insects and general creeping things. Yesterday I have found something that I find totally yucky and repulsive.  

SLUGS ARE DISGUSTING!!  I shutter just thinking about them.

I was working with my Dad and picked up a board yesterday and there were some HUGE, nasty slugs on the back. They were a good 2 inches long and wider than my thumbs. 


Then I found another one smooshed on the back of a board I was taking nails out of. Only it wasn't completely non-recognizable, but chunky smooshed. NA-STY! All I could think about the rest of the days was Anne of Green Gables and Matthew Cuthbert saying that the slugs in his garden gave him some excitement. Those slugs would have done it for me, if I had found them in my garden.
( The ones yesterday were that big and there is no way in heck I would put one in my hand.)

Bra's are not designed for heavy construction work. My Dad loves to buy 16 foot boards when doing work and alas I get to carry them to their proper place when he gets them to the job site. Easiest way to do that is to heft them onto your shoulders to carry them from place to place. As I was doing this yesterday, my shoulder got sore and it dawned on me that my bra manufacturer probably didn't have this in mind when they made the strap design. They need to come up with something that is construction tested. I bet they would make a mint.

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