Friday, July 8, 2011

Playing Around

Tonight started our co-ed church softball league. We won our first game with 4 people. LOL Yes, that is possible when none of the other team shows up. So the Cd'A 2 Ward is now 1-0. We also stay and played in the next game. They need a few players. We won that one too.

It has been a good 15 years since I played softball. On that same field none the less. My biggest frustration is the fact that I now have flabby arms. I was never very good at out-fielding but I have gotten decidedly WEAK! It is quite pathetic. You can bet I will be adding weights to my morning workout routine. A little practice won't hurt either.

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Fossil Photo / Curtis and Shauna said...

Fun posts, I haven't been on for a while and read past posts! Looks like you are keeping busy and having fun!! You have adorable children and I love the pics. And the hormones and curly hair...that does happen. I knew a girl that her hormones did the same thing only drastic! She had straight hair, then as soon as she started her period, BAM!, she went from straight to VERY curly in a couple months time. Weird. But honestly I think curly hair is gorgeous, wish I had some.