Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The List

So this lovely young lady gets to go to Girls Camp this year. We are on the countdown, 5 days and 13 hours to be exact. She is SO, SO, SO excited! That would be a direct quote. On the 10 minute ride home she had to have said this half a dozen times easily. I am excited for her too. She also came home armed with her LIST! EEKK!
There is clothing, personal items, general stuff, sleeping/tent gear, and then a column just for all the odds and ends left over. They also practice putting up their tents tonight. Yes, tents. This ain't no sissy Utah camping! We camp in actual tents here in North Idaho.   ;)   She is thrilled. Definitely got my genes, if it were her fathers, she would be running for the nearest 4 star hotel with indoor plumbing and a/c.


Katrina said...

LOL that is funny...hope she has a great time... I know she will.

Nana S. said...

Sounds exciting.....;-) I am the one who made the lists and sent everything but the kitchen sink. I am with Marcus however, had enough of that "out door plumbing" when I was young ;-(

Meggan said...

You know I can't let you get away with the "sissy Utah camping" comment:) We went camping this past weekend as a ward to our Young women's camp...and they had cabins. No, you do not get any further into the wilderness until you camp in Alaska...and they use cabins! And I bet they won't keep the food locked up and have a guard on post with a gun for the bears either;) Ok the gun part was made up, lol. But still, there is nothing sissy about a cabin:)