Saturday, July 2, 2011


We were brave. We were strong. We went swimming in Cd'A Lake. It was 80 or nearly so and I dragged everyone out. Even Marc.
It was cold. But Sam was brave. He ran in and out five or six times before the rest of us made it to our knees.
This is NOT a particularly sand beach. Our feet were feeling it until it numbed it.
  Ahhh, my kingdom.
The architects considering their wall.
Al is always the builder.
He was very intent on making his wall.
Marc made it all the way out and even dunked, although he looks kinda cold here. 
The light was wonderful. And really gave me some great pictures. I love this one of Sam.
Here is my silly boy being a chicken.
He looks likes a deranged ostrich.
He survived! And his feet were even better for it. Ice baths will do that.
Beautiful B!
Nik was bringing the "finest sand ever" to their work site.
I love the sand all stuck to his face. It is so cute little kid.
Hi Mom

I though it was cute that Sam and Nik were both directing. We had a grand time and it was decided all around that Grammy's pool was the better place to go swimming.


Nana S. said...

Brrrrrr...sort of like the North Atlantic Ocian.....very cold. Once you get numb your OK. Everyone looks great and it looks like everyone had a fun time.

The Crazy Heads said...

Great pictures