Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hi, Ho, Cheerio...A, Camping We Will Go

Miss B is off to her very first Girls Camp. She left yesterday at 11am. To say she was excited is a Major understatement. LOL She had to give her cousins farewell kisses because they will leave before she comes back.
Here she is getting all here gear on.
Her bag was kinda heavy but she's got muscle.
Hoofing it to Sister Brocells house where they were meeting to ride up. she is in her "going to camp" outfit. Way cute if I do say so myself.
Me and my cutie girl. She is going to have a ball and really enjoy herself. That is just her personality.


Katrina said...

My goodness she looks so grown up just since I saw you in June... what a beautiful young woman.

Nana S. said...

WOW....that looks like quite a load she is carrying ;-) and she looks so grown up. The magic years ;-) Hope she has a great time.