Friday, June 17, 2011

Traveling on the Train

Today we got out of the house. But we didn't really drive. We rode the train instead! This was the first time that any of the boys have rode on a commuter train. They thought it was way cool. But then I like trains too and they did get some of my genes.  ;)
We rode on the top level of the train car so that we could see really well. They kept moving from side to side and really enjoyed the passing view.
 Yep, that is me. Not to bad if I do say so myself.
Right down by Temple Square is this AWESOME Chihuly glass sculpture. It is called "Olympic Fire" and was put up for the Olympics. Yes, I know that is obvious. All the individual pieces are hand blown and then installed at the location. I have always been fascinated with hand blown glass. Liquid fire.
We then headed for Temple Square to eat some grub with Grammpy. It was quite lovely. We had the perfect day to be downtown. Brilliant sun with a nice breeze. Perfect.
Here is my teenager at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Bigger and Bigger everyday.
Grammpy gave us a tour of his office building. We went up to the top observatory and then down to his floor to see his cubical. But I had to get a picture or two of the cute couple. I really like this one. It makes me smile.
Sam was thrilled to be with Grandpa. Aren't they sweet?
Bruce's cube is pretty nice, about the size of Katrina's sewing room for those that have been in that. Plus this new cube is not so close to the higher ups which is always better.
At the Church History Museum they had a fun area dedicated to kids. There was this great dancing area. Miss Bee was a dancing queen.
EEeeeckk! A rat! LOL Sam thought that was so funny.
Al and his eguana.
My very dear friend from New Hampshire, Cindy Cote, was called on a mission to the Family History Center in downtown Salt Lake. It is the first time I got to see her in about 6 years. I love her. She and I clicked and I have to say that I shed more than a few tears when I saw her. She has such a wonderful spirit and generous heart. I adore her.
On our return train trip we got to come home with Grandpa. While we waited for him, I subjected my kids to a photo shoot. Were we were waiting, there was some wonderful reflected light.
I got some nice pictures but they were tired and you can tell. Still all and all not too bad.
Yep, a teenager.
Al is struggling a lot with crowds and noise right now. This was not the easiest trip for him. I got moment when he was okay, but it was still not easy. I hope this summers IBI will help him.
After dinner here at home, I go Miss Bee to do some posing. Katrina's peony's are blooming beautifully and she is so pretty. I couldn't resit.
But these are the real Bee. LOL. I see this look A LOT.
She thought it was too funny that I got her tongue sticking out.
I don't have too many pictures of Al and Miss B together. They were working together really well this evening.

Look at those silly kiddo's. All and all we had a nice trip downtown and evening home. We are going to do a BBQ and movie at Chris's tomorrow night but for the day we don't really have anything else planned. Although I will probably tackle the big rose bushes. But we will see.


housewife said...

you look great Stacie. I love the picture of Hannah and the peony.

Wiggles said...

I loved this post!